HydroniCAD - Software for Drawing Hydronic Piping Schematics

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HydroniCAD - Software for Drawing Hydronic Piping Schematics

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HydroniCAD - Software for Drawing Hydronic Piping Schematics

HydroniCAD was created for those who need professional quality drawings for new system installation or to document existing systems. It allows users with no previous computer drawing experience to quickly snap together components and piping lines to build a complete piping schematic.

Think of HydroniCAD as a "hydronics Lego set." The user simply selects one of the pre-drawn piping components symbols and then clicks on the drawing canvas. The symbol appears and can then be moved, rotated, duplicated as needed. Various symbols can be added to the drawing and quickly snapped together using a unique feature called "sticky points."

In the time it would take you to snap together a few Lego blocks you can snap together a professional looking full-color piping schematic. Click print to put the drawing on 8.5" x 11" paper along with a customized title block containing your company's information.

All piping components symbols are organized into five symbol palettes that "float" on the drawing screen. The symbols are based on the piping schematics used in the text Modern Hydronic Heating as well as trade journal articles by John Siegenthaler.

HydroniCAD can also be used for general computer aided drawing. It has a full set of drawing tools such as lines, rectangles, circles, and polygons. It also provides a wide range of color and pattern control for shapes and lines.

HydroniCAD is also a "stand-alone" software package. It doesn't require Visio, AutoCAD, or any other software package to function.

You'll be comfortable with HydroniCAD within five minutes of starting to use it. The user interface is simple and intuitive: Get the symbols you want then snap them together to make the schematic.

The best news is that HydroniCAD costs a fraction of what other CAD software costs. Most CAD software contains features that only a few people will ever use, especially those who make one type of drawing (such as a schematic). Why pay for complex software with a steep learning curve when what you need is a tool specifically designed for creating hydronic piping schematics as quickly and easily as possible? We built HydroniCAD to give you what you need and not charge you for what you don't.

Appropriate Designs has been involved in hydronic heating for over 25 years. We focus our efforts on developing state-of-the-art design software just for the hydronic heating market. We will continue to support HydroniCAD and expand it in the future.

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